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V Model

V model is a process for developing software.  V model is a most revised version of waterfall model. For overcoming drawbacks of waterfall model V model is introduced. Activities in V model shows the  V  form structure, so it is called as “V” model. V model consist of mainly two types of phases first one… Read More

Business Analysis

Business analysis is a process of discovering, analyzing and documenting business requirements in order to define business related processes. Business analysis identify business problems and suggest most efficient solutions on problems. Business analysis performs at starting phase of software development life cycle. Purpose  of Business Analysis Provide business solution Proper scoping of business Clearly understand… Read More

MoSCoW Analysis Vs KANO Analysis

MoSCoW Prioritization Technique is Business Requirement Prioritization Technique. You can easily use this technique during requirement analysis and specification efforts. MoSCoW Prioritizing Technique evolved from Dynamic Software Development Methodology. It is a prioritization techniques for the delivery of each requirement. but some factors are need to consider and these are:-1) Set of features categorizes under… Read More

Project Manager Vs Business Analyst

Project manager vs business analyst

Two faces of a coin make it a perfect dollar. Project manager and Business analyst are two distinct roles yet are required to get excellent end deliverables. A business analyst is needed to analyze the business to identity business problem and provide an effective solution. A project manager is needed to build the solution proposed… Read More

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Object-oriented analysis and design is a technical method which uses object oriented paradigm and modelling language for designing a system. This method helps to boost quality of system. OOAD is a combination of object oriented analysis process and Object oriented design process.Analysis process focus on the system and retrieves problems related to system and gives… Read More

Challenges In Agile Planning


Agile project planning is an approach to plan and guide project processes. The main benefit of agile project planning is respond to issues as they arise throughout the course of the project. Necessary changes should adopt at the right time into the project which save resources, time, money and helps deliver a successful project on… Read More

Interactive UX design


User experience is a thoughts of user on how user feels while dealing with system. User experience consist of many elements such as User interface design, business needs or Objectives, Look and feel, Content, Information architecture, User behaviors. This is the world of technological evolution. Digital interfaces have made an impressive impact on peoples mind.… Read More

How To Build Mockups


Mockups are the graphical representation of the system (or application). Mockup shows the static view and interactive view of user interface. Developing mockup activity comes under design phase of software development life cycle. Business analyst(or designer) is responsible for developing mockups. Before developing mockup, it is necessary to understand the system very well. Design Process… Read More

Business Analyst vs System Analyst

Business analyst system analyst

Business analyst is often interpreted as a system analyst. For small scale businesses the role of business analysts is often performed by a system analyst but actually there is a big difference between the two headings. A business analyst is responsible for business process whereas a system analyst is responsible for technical aspect of a… Read More

Feasibility Analysis


Feasibility analysis is a method of analyzing the possibilities of realizing a structure or product from the idea taking various economic, technological, functional, legal and scheduling requirements into account. In short “nothing is impossible but not everything is profitable.” You have an idea in your mind. You want to generate a product with that concept.… Read More